Netdom windows 7 (windows server //r2/ + windows 7/8) domain manager - manage machine accounts and passwords.

Netdom is used in versions of windows before windows 7 for command-line domain membership tasks such as joining a computer to a domain.

Jan 07,  · this article describes how to use the utility (included in windows server support tools) to rename a computer that is a member of a. Dec 26,  · i am trying to join a windows 7 pc to domain with command line. I used this but when i press enter nothing happaned and looks like command is accepted, but.

Apr 20,  · by default the netdom is not available in windows 7. All the info points to use powershell add-computer comandlet. I scoured the net for hours looking for a simpler solution than this rsat crap or what ever. My i know what is the files that i need copy from the workstation where installed the rsat and copy only the files related to netdom component. Manage computer accounts for domain member workstations and member servers.

The problem here is this: i need to be physically in the machine to authorize the script to run. Is there way to used the netdom without installing the rsat.

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